US Transportation

We’re proud that our specialist team, with decades of experience, is a top choice for our wholesale clients with Commercial Physical Damage and Motor Truck Cargo risks in the US. 

On the road, off the shelf

Eight decades of experience + a range of binders with Lloyd's of London + access to Company markets = simple solutions for some seemingly complex risks. We can make life easier for our partner brokers while at the same time provide reassuringly comprehensive cover for the clients.


Tailor-made trucking

Naturally we can also help with those complex risks which absolutely do need tailor-made solutions. US Transportation broking has been our specialism for decades - our team members have an average of more than 20 years’ experience. We know our stuff and we have the connections to get the job done.

 Some of our solutions

Auto Physical Damage (APD)

Sweet spot: fleets operating over three years | Fleet values: $3m - $7.5m

Excess Auto Physical Damage (XS APD)

Limits: up to $2.5m

Motor Truck Cargo (MTC)

Limits: primary MTC up to $250,000 any one truck/loss

Excess Motor Truck Cargo (XS MTC)

All commodities (exc autos, boats, mobile homes and reefer goods). Limits: up to $4m

Dealer's Open Lot (DOL) & Garage Keeper's Legal Liability (GKLL)

Limits: up to $500,000 any one loss



dedicated Amwins Global Risks professionals


annual premium placements


“The US Transportation team are some of the best transportation brokers we have come across. Their accuracy, transparency and tenacity set them apart from their competition. They always strive to do their absolute best, and always have the insured in mind. We at TIE always enjoying doing business with Jon and the team.”

Steve Munro, Owner TIE, GA

“The US Transportation team is First Class! They always are able to provide a solution for us in sticky situations which come up more often than we’d prefer. After recently delivering their renewal terms on an account, our agent replied 'After so much bad news in this transportation industry as of late, it will be nice to finally deliver some good news for a change!' ”     

Andy S. Chicago, IL

“I’ve worked with Jon Humphreys and staff for 18 years and found their product knowledge, response time and relationships within the Lloyd's marketplace exemplary.    We continue to maintain our loyalty to Jon because of these reasons and the personal relationships that have been developed over the years.   I highly recommend their services.”   

G Crotty Madison MS 

David Edgerton
Director, US Transportation
Amwins Global Risks - London
+44 (0)20 7444 9501
Jon Humphreys
Managing Director, US Transportation
Amwins Global Risks - London
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Yogi Patel
Senior Broker, US Transportation
Amwins Global Risks - London
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Amy McEvoy
Junior Placing Broker, US Transportation
Amwins Global Risks - London
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