Crisis Management

Ensuring your clients’ business is prepared for the unexpected and disruptive nature of a crisis event is often key to a company’s survival. 
Whether the exposures are financial, operational, physical, or reputational, Amwins’ Crisis Management division provides access to comprehensive risk transfer solutions alongside leading global crisis management and risk mitigation specialist consultants in your area. A broad spectrum of risks and coverages can be considered across multiple industries to provide your clients with professional protection before, during and post-crisis events. These products are more than traditional insurance.

Areas of expertise

Our Crisis Management experts bring dedicated access to the following market solutions:

Product Recall

Product recalls can be a devastating prospect for any business. They present threats to a company’s reputation, brand image and financial security. We provide access to product recall insurance policies that provide comprehensive solutions for a broad range of industries and recall situations. This, combined with access to crisis consultancy professionals both pre- and post-incident, provides peace of mind for one of your clients’ key operational exposures.

Active Assailant / Deadly Weapons

Interest in Active Assailant coverage has increased significantly as a result of key exclusions to GL forms.  It is recognised that there is a need for a broader trigger than terrorism (where ideology doesn’t exist) and coverage for all third parties, not just employees (workers comp), and where Active Assailant exposures are explicitly excluded or the wording is ‘silent’. Our specialist dedicated team provides you and your clients access to both risk transfer and crisis consultancy-led solutions.

Kidnap & Ransom

Our team provides access for commercial and specific family / individual exposures to specialist markets. Policies are designed to provide policyholders with risk transfer and prevention advice supplied by well-known crisis management consultants. Programs are designed to support your clients in a case of concern or in the midst of a life-threatening situation. The solution is a two-pronged approach, providing companies with access to crisis consultant services and pre-emptive advice with insurance cover that includes extensive reimbursement of costs, for example when employees are threatened, disappear without trace or need to be evacuated.


What are your clients biggest / left field concerns that you believe may not be insurable? The contingency market solutions provide bespoke coverage for hard-to-place and uncommon risks. The market specialises in but is not limited to Prize Indemnity (e.g. hole in one), non-appearance or event cancellation, contractual bonus or weather risks to name a few.

Reputational Harm

Reputational risk and negative reputational perception are a concern to all public-facing branded businesses.
For these types of companies, the acceleration and amplification of bad news through the media demands a rapid and considered response. With the prevalence of social media in today’s society, reputational damage can be inflicted faster than ever. Our team can provide support and access to dedicated capacity to find a solution to support your clients’ reputational needs.

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