Since 2006 we have been offering this product on behalf of Beazley.  We have the pen for the smaller, clean accounts, and have a daily appointment with the underwriters to discuss the larger/distressed accounts. We can also access a  Consortium as an alternative market.  


  • In-house binding authority with exclusive enhancement endorsement
  • Minimum premium $3,500
  • Minimum retention $15,000
  • Limits under our binder - $250,000 to $5,000,000
  • Limits under Consortium (led by Beazley) $5,000,000 to $10,000,000
  • Additional potential $5,000,000 limit through reinsurance with Gen Re
  • Primary and excess cover available, plus excess over GL/package policies that provide a sub-limit
  • $250,000 assault and battery sublimit – for Transportation risks only
  • New policy form - to be released around mid March, this will include Safeguard reporting increased from 48 hours to 72 hours, EPL exclusion loosened to apply only to the part of a claim which relates to EPL allegations and enhanced Independent Contractor definition

Prevention and response services 

  • $50,000 first dollar limit for response service fees and expenses which are in addition to the limit with our enhancement endorsement
  • Crisis management, legal services, forensic and investigatory support, victim support, government relations and many more
  • New prevention service provider – Praesidium - from 1 March 2021, with several new services including discounted background screening in the US
  • Dedicated Safeguard risk management website ( available 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Coverage available for US and Canadian domiciled risks only

Target industries

  • Educational Institutions 
  • Not-for-profit Organisations
  • Religious Institutions
  • Transportation Providers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Leisure Providers/Facilities
  • Companies purchasing due to contractual requirements (especially contractors)

Outside scope

  • Foster Care Services, Adoption Agencies and Foster Families
  • Staffing
  • Gig-economy (e.g. Uber, Airbnb etc.)
  • Dating Agencies/Websites

Recent Successes

  • County Clubs, in NY and KY – primary $1m
  • Real Estate for Affordable Housing for those in need in PA– primary $1m
  • Management Services to Behavioral Health and Special Education companies in MD– primary $5m
  • Co-educational Private School in CA– excess $3m xs $2m
  • Adoption Group Home in PA – excess $4m xs $1m
  • Assisted Living in CA – primary $1m and $1m xs $3m
  • Contractors in LA and CA – primary $1m
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport in NY – primary $1m
  • Childcare in VA – primary $1m
  • Healthcare for Mental Illness, Addiction and Disabilities in NJ – excess $5m xs $5m xs $1m/$3m
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation - excess $900k xs $100k/$300k
  • Election Tech/Data Company in MO – primary $2m
  • Religious Organisation with Childcare in GA – primary $1m
  • Healthcare Clinics in GA, CA, MN and CT – primary $1m and $2m
  • IT Solutions in CA – primary $1m/$2m
  • Beauty Academy in NJ – primary $1m
  • Janitor in NC – primary $1m

Claims examples

Not-for-Profit - Social services: settlement of sexual abuse lawsuit brought by a child cared for in boys’ home which led to closure of home

Religious Organisation - Christian sports camp: faced several lawsuits alleging that its former director had abused young male campers 

Transportation - School bus: allegations of inappropriate physical contact by substitute bus driver involving several minor passengers 

Education - Public schools: one of the largest US school districts settled allegations relating to a single teacher and his abuse of elementary school pupils over several years 

Healthcare - Hospital: pediatrician convicted of sexual assault against young patients in several settings over a 15 year period. Suit was brought against the hospital, individual physicians and the state medical society

Leisure - Bowling: bowling coach convicted of molestation involving several minor players


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