Group Retiree Medical and Prescription Drug Insurance

Provides retiree health programs and administration to organizations with Post-65 retirees

It’s no secret that employers today are struggling to manage other postemployment benefits (OPEB) obligations.  Balancing financial constraints with the healthcare needs of retirees often results in limited choices, leaving retirees trapped in the middle.  Not with AmWINS Group Benefits.  Our solutions, ranging from plan modifications to providing comprehensive exit strategies, will keep retiree and Rx benefits intact while eliminating balance sheet obligation.

Group Retiree Medical Insurance

Eliminate burdensome administration and control escalating costs without massive program changes. AmWINS Group retiree medical and prescription drug program offers:

  • 25 years of retiree benefits administration experience
  • Custom medical and prescription drug plans to match your current offering
  • Defined contribution option to control employer costs
  • Program continuity to maintain retiree goodwill

Viable Exit Strategies

  • Provide a sound exit strategy
  • Eliminate ongoing and / or related liabilities
  • Retirees benefit from seamless and fully integrated solutions
  • Offered on a voluntary basis
  • Terminal funding options
  • Defined contribution model

Program Development

AmWINS’ experts provide consultative support to identify your client’s needs. AmWINS then shops the carrier marketplace, negotiates coverage and pricing, and creates a recommendation. Our in-house administration includes eligibility, billing, marketing, enrollment and policy service. We also offer claims advocacy services, ensuring that retirees always have the support they need during coverage disputes that involve physicians, pharmacists and lawyers. We leverage our strong industry relationships and regulatory knowledge to provide outstanding solutions to meet the divers objectives and requirement of our clients.

Ongoing Plan Management

  • End-to-end transition management
  • Effective Medicare Part D integration
  • Dedicated customer care representatives
  • Complete administration
  • Customized benefits websites

Complementary Programs

  • Senior Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Retiree Assistance Programs (Physical, financial, mental well-being)

We will be happy to discuss our proven strategies in detail and assist you in developing a practical plan that will meet your objectives.

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