Passenger Carrying Vehicle

Program underwriting all categories of passenger transport business

Our philosophy: Build long-term relationships with our clients.


We understand unique underwriting solutions are needed for every road your clients travel. Our philosophy includes forging relationships for the long haul, while strategising and investing in your success. Supported by the A- strength of our long-term capacity provider, Unicorn Underwriting has become a major provider of insurance to the Coach industry. Our underwriters and executive team have significant experience handling this class of business, delivering access to niche expertise and providing creative solutions supporting our clients.

Our claims handling partner Gallagher Bassett also has developed, over many years, knowledge and expertise in the handling of claims arising from the passenger transport industry. Uniquely, we have agreements in place with a number of major repairers to contain costs in the event of a significant vehicle repair being required. We recognise the vital importance of proactive claims handling, protecting operators from fraudulent or exaggerated claims, and we bring inventive solutions to complex accounts and expert knowledge across industries.

Policy Wording for policies that were incepted or renewed before 1st June 2023:

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Policy Wording for policies that were incepted or renewed on or after 1st June 2023:

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