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AmWINS’ Taft-Hartley Practice helps health and welfare funds manage the challenges, risk and costs associated with active and retiree health benefits programs. Our clients rely on our scale – $14 billion in premium placements and status as the largest insurance wholesaler in the country - to deliver on promises made to members and retirees.

Our strategies and services are available to help overcome the challenges facing Benefit Fund Managers and Trustees of Health and Welfare funds. Whether its financial risk management, finding better way to manage the cost of healthcare, transferring large risks, or optimizing a benefit design for retirees, AmWINS has the expertise and resources to assist.

We work directly with brokers, consultants, actuaries and third-party administrators. Together, we will assess the current benefits strategy and leverage our capabilities and expertise to craft a customized program, and drive better outcomes for the fund.

Although what we do is all about insurance and risk management, at the end of the day, it’s really all about people. You know many of the participants by name. You may even know their families. And we understand that the decisions you make play a major role in people’s well-being.  We are here to help you make the best decisions possible.

We are on your team.


Retiree Healthcare

With 700 plan sponsor clients nationally, we can provide fully insured and self-funded solutions for medical and pharmacy benefits

Self-Funding Retiree Health Benefits

Client Advisory-Giving Taft Hartley Clients a Choice

Client Advisory-Custom Employer-Sponsored Programs

Stop Loss Insurance

AmWINS is the largest wholesaler of stop loss insurance in the country.

Medical Stop Loss-A Critical Tool to Manage Risk

Pharmacy Benefits

AmWINS-owned PBM can provide a level of service unattainable from the “Big Three”.

EGWP vs RDS-A Comparison

Transitioning to an EGWP

Client Advisory-Giving Taft Hartley Clients a Choice

Cost Containment

Our unique cost-containment strategies can mitigate your exposure to large claims

The Evolution of Health Cost Management (Infographic)

Case Study-Cerebral Palsy

Case Study-Lymphoma

Managing Dialysis Claim Costs