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How to enable call forwarding on an Avaya desk phones.

Before you leave the office, you can forward your desk phone to your mobile device.

  1. Click the CFrwd button on your desk phone.
  2. Enter "91" followed by the 10 digit phone number that you want call forwarded to.
  3. Click Ok or complete to finish.

If you have already left the office and would like to forward your desk phone, please email itsupport@amwins.com  with the your office phone number and 10 digit mobile number.

How to listen to your voicemail using the “Voicemail-to-Email” feature:

Voicemail-to-Email is a feature that is enabled on all AmWINS phones. This allows voicemails that are left by callers to be sent directly to your email account in a file for listening and follow up. This file can be played directly from your computer or cell phone.

Since this feature is enabled by default, you do not have to enable call-forwarding on your office phone to route calls to your home phone or personal cell phone device; but instead, can listen to your voicemail as they come in directly into your office email.

This is recommended for most users who are not customer facing, as it will ensure that calls do not get lost or deleted within your other personal voicemail systems, and allows you to retain voicemail in your email for future reference.