Underwriting Technology brings speed, transparency and choice to small account E&S placement

Background: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard 

We know who you are. You love your job. You love your clients. And you love your markets – at least on most days. But when a small business owner needs coverage for a vacant building with no alarm system, you’re faced with an all-too-familiar problem. Declines roll in, and days go by without answers. You’re frustrated, and your client is questioning whether you can solve their problem. Once again, you’re spending too much time on a small account that will generate minimal revenue for the agency. All you want is market access, great service and speed of response. Why isn’t there a better way?

Project: Real Time Rating: The First Multi-Carrier E&S Quoting System

AmWINS Access knows retail brokers. We’re on your team. And when we saw a problem in the small business space that needed fixing, we went to work. Our goal: to develop an alternative to the existing broken and cumbersome system. Over the last five years, AmWINS team members – including engineers, architects, and analysts – have worked to create a next-generation underwriting platform to support you and your small business clients. There is a better way.

Our next-generation underwriting platform provides:

1.  Real-time integration with a wide range of E&S carriers, so our underwriters can rapidly provide bindable quotes with multiple lines across our nationwide footprint.
2.  A truly insightful view of the market that goes beyond price, so you know you are getting the best terms for your client.
3.  And most importantly, we aren’t requiring you to enter data into yet another portal – just send us the application in whatever format is most convenient, and we will do the work for you.


At AmWINS Access, our mission is to transform the small business space by delivering tools and technology that provide a competitive edge to our retail clients and market partners. With Real Time Rating, AmWINS Access has streamlined the underwriting process and created an easier way for you to address the needs of your small business clients. And while we are passionate about technology and innovation, we recognize that we are in a relationship business – our underwriters are ready to solve your problems.

To learn more, contact your AmWINS underwriter or broker.